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Old 02-24-2011, 09:57 PM
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Default Official Ezud Rules and Regulations

I. Spamming

Spamming includes grave digging, irrelevant and off-topic posts, posting image macros. Double posting is also prohibited. If you post in the wrong section,your thread will be moved to the appropriate section and you will not be warned or infracted.

Spamming on the forum, unless in areas where permitted, or in the chatbox will result in a warning for the first time and an Infraction for every additional times where an active warning exists.

II. Flaming

Flaming is the posting of inflammatory and insulting content on the forum, and is prohibited on the forum. Flaming can include posting insulting content, racism and sexism, and trolling. Intentional flame baiting is also prohibited, but will only be enforced at a staff member's discretion.

Flaming on the forum, unless in areas where permitted, or in the chatbox will earn you anywhere from a warning to a temporary ban depending on the severity of the offence. Persistent flaming or trolling after a ban will result in a permanent ban. If you are a victim of flaming and a staff member is not around you may take screenshots of the offense and the offender and PM them to a staff member. Do not rely on the shoutbox archives as documentation of flaming, as they are frequently deleted.

III. Multiple Accounts

Each member of the forum is permitted to use only one (1) account. If you wish for a name change, you may contact an administrator. The only time you are permitted to make two accounts is when you are banned, then you may create an additional account to appeal your ban only, and nothing else. If you have multiple members of a household using Ezud, and therefore need more than 1 account per household, then please inform a staff member ahead of to time to avoid conflict.

If you are caught using two accounts, one of the accounts will be banneed and the other will be infracted. It will be the staff member's choice of which one to ban and which one to infract, regardless of which account was created first.

IV. Advertising & Referral Links

All members are allowed up to one (1) advertisement space in their signature. However, advertisements to scams, viruses or materials considered obscene are not allowed and will be removed. Posting advertisements on the forum and in the chatbox is prohibited. If you wish to advertise on Ezud, please contact an administrator. Referral links are also disallowed (but can be used in signatures). If you wish to share a referral link with a member of the forum, please do it through the Private Messaging function.

Posting advertisements or referral links will result in the link or thread being removed and an immediate infraction.

V. Viruses & Malicious Files

The intentional posting of viruses, keyloggers, trojan horses, or other forms of malicious files (spyware, adware, etc) is strictly prohibited. If you wish to share a program or file, please complete a virus scan before posting it on Ezud. It would be recommended to post the results of the virus scan, but not mandatory.

Posting infected files on Ezud will result in a 1-day ban. If you are found to have intentionally posted infected files in order to obtain other member's personal information, you will be permanently banned.

VI. Obscene Material

Due to the incidence that some of our members may be browsing Ezud from public areas, their school, or their workplace, posting obscene or pornographic content and images is strictly prohibited. Obscene material may not be used in your avatar or signature. Whether content is obscene or not is up to a staff member's discretion.

Posting obscene material will result in having the material removed and a warning for the first offense.

VII. Scamming & Fraud

Scamming and market fraud is strictly forbidden. If you believe you have been scammed, you may post a thread in the appropriate section with adequate proof of the incident. Scamming includes selling items, accounts, or virtual goods that do not belong to you. Using a Middleman for all trades is strongly advised. Market fraud is also prohibited. You may not impersonate a staff member or other reputable figure* (not limited to just members on Ezud). For the safety of our members, selling accounts that you have "won" or have been "given" to is also prohibited, due to the likely event that these accounts may be recovered by the person who you originally obtained them.

If you are found guilty of scamming or fraud, you will be permanently banned. You may appeal your ban only once 6 months after the incident, and the staff may decide to unban you from the forums, but you will still be prohibited from entering and trading in the market.

VIII. Original Content

You may not take another person's Guide, Graphics, Programs, Posts, or any other form of cyber-property and attempt to pass it off as your own. If you are posting a graphic, guide, or program created by somebody else, you must give credit to the original creator.

If you are caught ripping another person's work you will be either warned, infracted, or banned depending on the severity of the offense.

IX. Shoutbox

The shoutbox is a privelage. If you are misusing it, you will be banned from it. Misusing the shoutbox can include spamming, flaming, trolling, excessive use of emoticons, advertising, and buying or selling market items. All forum rules apply to the shoutbox. You also may not beg for items, money, accounts, or ranks in the shoutbox. If you are caught breaking a rule in the shoutbox you will be banned from the shoutbox or banned from the forums depending on the severity of the offense.

X. Security

Members are not permitted to hack, exploit, or manipulate the forum software in a way it was not intended to be used. Attempting to "hack" the site will result in a permanent IP ban. This includes any "Ddos" attacks. Members may not post photos, names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other private information of any other member without his or her permission. This applies even if the information can be found publicly (on another website, from facebook, etc)

**Rules may be updated or altered at any time. If you violate an offense that is not an official rule at the time, you will not be punished for it.
**Staff Members have superior and unbiased discretion. It is up to them to determine if you were breaking a rule or not. A staff member will determine the intent of your behavior, and his or her decision will stand and be supported 99% of the time.

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