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Old 01-26-2010, 12:05 AM
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Default [Runescape] Nomad Strategy Guide

This guide is just for Runescape players. Hope it helpful!

Equipment. (Melee)

Helm of Neitiznot
Best RFD Gloves you can use/Combat bracelet
Dragon Boots/Rune Boots/Climbing Boots
Black D Hide Body
Black D Hide Chaps
Fire Cape/Skill Cape (Trimmed)/Obsidian Cape
Abyssal Whip
Rune Defender/Unholy Book

Equipment. (Range)

Helm of Neitiznot
Best RFD Gloves you can use/Combat bracelet
Snakeskin Boots
Black D Hide Body
Black D Hide Chaps
Fire Cape/Skill Cape/Ava's Device
Rune Crossbow
Spirit Shield/God Book (Unholy>Balance>Holy)


Super/Extreme Set (Range/Defence Pot if using range)
2 Prayer Potions
Full Rocktail/Tortoise of Rocktail (Pack yack if you can)


1: Only Pray Piety or Eagle Eye/Iron Skin, No point in using any protect prayers (Until the end).
2: Set your familiars click to Withdraw BOB (helps alot)
3: Only eat when you drop below 50 HP (Unless there is a 75/Max HP -1 Coming ofc)
4: Dodge the 75!! This is so important! (saves 2/3 rocktail each time!)
5: Nomad will turn to face towards the corner infront of the throne before he does the 75, this is your time to run behind a pillar!
6: Dont step over the mines, go through the gap, it is clearly visable!
7: Only eat 1 rocktail past your max hp (For example, My HP level is 95, I ate to 95 or higher)
8: Rather than spam food right after the max -1 hit, attack nomad and get a hit in there before he starts again! (Eat after/during your attack!)

Extra Stuff.

Its best to use the combat style you are used to and comfortable with, being relaxed during the fight is such a difference maker!

If using Ancient Curses, Soul Split aswell as Drain/Leech defence can help alot!

Melee is the more common approach to nomad, however it would be wise to take a ranged weapon for the freezing part to get some extra damage in there! (Diamond/Ruby (E) Bolts, Darts, Crystal Bow or Obsidian Rings work best)

Thanks to Lady Civet for those!

If your having problems still where Nomad seems to be doing too much damage on you, you can save a food or two by hiding behind a pillar during the time he summons the 3 clones, just wait alittle while and they will dissapear, then you can continue fighting again.

Thanks to FlareChocobo for that!

I origionally made this for someone asking for help, but decided to post it incase anyone else having trouble would find this information useful.

Step - By - Step

1 - Before entering the room. Drink your super/extreme/overload's

2 - Set your quick pray to Piety or Eagle Eye/Iron Skin (Dont turn it on yet)

3 - Enter the room and go through the chat, turn on your prayer as he jumps off the throne

4 - Engage in combat with Nomad, DO NOT waste time spamming your food, you need to be all out offensive in this fight.

5 - Eat 1 rocktail if your hp drops below 50

6 - Shortly after Nomad has conjured the mines, he will face south-west before readying the attack that hits 75 (Will stop attacking for a short period), this is your time to make a run for it. Run south through the gap in the mines to the south, then immediately west/east (Whichever way your camera is facing) and get behind a pillar, You must be in a square directly behind it, otherwise the 75 WILL hit you.

7 - After the 75 has (hopefully) missed, let him run towards the pillar (You should have topped up your HP/Prayer during this time) and then continue to attack him where he stands.

8 - Shortly after this, He will teleport to his origional position and summon 3 clones, run to the center of the clones immediately, top up your HP and attack the one that attacks shortly after the others.

9 - Fight him as normal untill the "Ice Barrage" ~ Eat once above your maximum HP, restore your prayer and re-pot your stats. Have a rick-click attack ready for immediately after the Max -1 hit lands, to get an extra attack in there. Eat after you have done the attack, then continue to fight as normal.

10 - Continue from step 6 and repeat untill the Fast Melee attacks start coming.

11 - When he begins to attack with his staff, turn protect from melee on* and continue to fight, try to keep your HP topped up as nomad can get a lucky streak and possibly hit straight 20-30's.

Thanks for reading! It is over. Hope you may be interested in it! It is offered by www.gameci.com . By the way, there is cheapest Runescape gold and power-leveling service on www.gameci.com . And they offer speedy delivery and excellent sales experience. Well, if you are in need of Runescape gold, you may have a try on it!
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Old 02-04-2011, 08:44 AM
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Thanks dude.
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